Tribute To Fallen Soldiers

Every year we design custom WordPress websites for several non-profits, charity organizations as well as “for profit” organizations that give back to the community that we believe in.  We not only provide full custom WordPress designs but we also provide graphic design as well as “free” monthly maintenance whereby we maintain the websites for free at no cost to the charity or non-profit organization, as well as for profit who give back to the community.

Tribute to Fallen Soldiers is one such organization we support because we believe in how they support our Veterans.  We custom designed this WordPress website back in 2009 and we have been maintaining the website every month since we completed the original custom design. 

Here’s a quick look at the Tribute To Fallen Soldiers 2013 Schedule:


1st Annual Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Memorial
Torch Motorcycle Ride
July 23rd – July 31st

The 1st Annual Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Memorial Torch Motorcycle Ride is an eight day fully escorted motorcycle ride through the western States of Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada
to honor and pay tribute to our fallen soldiers and their families.
Join us as we light the “Torch of Life” July 23rd in Seattle, Washington in an official
torch lighting ceremony for all participating riders, VIP’s and special guests.
On July 24th, join hundreds of Tribute to Fallen Soldiers motorcycle riders as the “Torch of Life” sets out on its 1,000 mile journey through four States, dozens of counties and
hundreds of communities to bring awareness to America’s fallen heroes.
The memorial “Torch of Life” will end its incredible and inaugural journey in
Reno, Nevada on July 31st ending with an acceptance ceremony from special guests and
Gold Star families.
Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this inaugural
Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Memorial Torch
Motorcycle Ride.
RIDE FEES; $35 Single Rider / $40 Rider + Passenger
* Ride one day or all eight days – The ride fee is the same
At specific rest stops along the ride route, meals and beverages will be provided.
Housing at our overnight locations is the responsibility of the riders, however
hotel partners with reduced special rates will be available
To sign up, call ( 541 ) 466-3533



4th Annual Oregon