What Makes An Effective Blog Post for Search EnginesThe answer to that question may surprise you.  If a blog post has been created based on a keyword or a key phrase then essentially you have an effective blog post. 

Wait a minute, what was that??

Let me explain, a blog post or article that has been written based on a keyword or a key phrase is an effective blog post because everything within the post would have been designed and created based on the most important attribute of a blog:  a focus or primary keyword!

Everything that has to do with writing and creating an article or post has to do with SEO and what is SEO?  Content rich with “keywords” or “key phrases.” 

That would mean that the Article Heading, Page Title, Page URL, Page Content and Image were created with a focus keyword or key phrase.  Hence, the blog post was written using the Keyword in the 6 key components of an effective blog post.  Keep in mind that your title tag and your meta tag description would naturally take the attributes of these 6 primary components as well.


I know it sounds way too simple but if I show you an effective blog example and breakdown each component, I think you’ll agree. 

But first, lets review what those key components are for an effective blog post.

A Focus or Primary Keyword or Key phrase MUST appear in these areas:

  1. Page URL
  2. Page Title
  3. First Paragraph
  4. Content
  5. SEO Title
  6. Meta Description

Take a look at this first screen shot:

What Makes An Effective Blog Post?

Components 1 and 2: 

1.  Does the Page URL have a keyword or key phrase?  Yes!  You can’t see the URL however here is a snippet of what the URL actually is – com/blog/ecommerce-mistakes.

2.  Does the Page Title have a keyword or key phrase? Yes!  Notice the Page Title in bold print – 9 ecommerce mistakes and how to avoid them.  

Note:  If you didn’t notice it…..look at the title and url again and you’ll see that the entire title and url do not match.  This was done intentionally as the author first didn’t want a huge URL(permalink) for there article so they shortened it.  A Very effective SEO and Blog technique!!

Here’s our second screenshot :

What Makes An Effective Blog Post?

Components 3 and 4: 

3.  Does the First Paragraph have a keyword or key phrase?  Yes!  Take a look at the second to last sentence in the first paragraph.  

4.  Does the Content have a keyword or key phra